Lady Spartans was founded in 2017 by Retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Charlie McHarney. Raising three young girls, Charlie identified the need to create an opportunity for the girls of Moore County, NC.



The Sandhills Spartans Athletic Cub's foundation began in 2017 with the start of the Sandhills Lady Spartans AAU basketball program. The Sandhills Lady Spartans was started in order to provide additional opportunities for middle school aged girls of Moore County, NC to explore the sport of basketball. From 2017 to 2022, the program grew from a group of around twenty 13 and 14 year old girls to more than 200 girls from ages 7-17. Additionally, the program evolved from exclusively an AAU team to a multi-faceted developmental program with the motto of "no girl left behind". The Club's foundational principles are rooted in an "athlete-first" approach where the sport of basketball is utilized as a vehicle for personal growth, enabling our athletes to acquire valuable skills that will extend beyond the court and into their adult years.

I truly believe my purpose in life is to develop others. Every single one of us has been uniquely blessed with gifts and talents and possess unlimited potential for maximizing those gifts. I want to unlock that potential in every single athlete that walks into the gym. Everyone's journey towards their own personal development and unlocking their potential is different. It is vitally important for me to balance the needs and desires of each individual athlete with the greater good of the Club as well as each team within the Club and develop a strategy that most effectively serves the collective group. This approach always begins with fostering a positive and inclusive environment that seeks to cultivate trust between the athletes and coaches while providing an atmosphere of psychological safety. It is imperative that our athletes feel safe to stretch themselves and make mistakes while also feeling safe to share their thoughts, concerns and personal aspirations. Additionally, we seek to empower our athletes to take ownership of their personal development by setting high, yet attainable goals for themselves while learning how to receive critical yet constructive feedback while attaining and maintaining a growth mindset throughout their journey.


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