The heart and purpose of this organization is to provide children in the sandhills area the environment to be exposed to and develop leadership and communication skills through team sports. This development will take place from coaches invested in the complete athlete. This organization will provide an environment for local athletes to develop fundamental athletic skills with the option to develop next level competitive skills in their chosen sport. The organization believes in providing this type of environment will assist the athlete with growing into a well-rounded confident adult who will thrive in all environments. 





Boys Basketball


Guiding athletes in mastering the foundational aspects of their selected sport. This coaching process encompasses various drills and practice sessions aimed at enhancing the athlete's comprehension and expertise in the game

Fostering the athlete's holistic development as an individual, emphasizing their role as a valuable team member, regardless of their skill level. Recognizing that being a great teammate is not solely dependent on athletic prowess

Engaging in essential skill-building drills, practice sessions, and gaining a thorough grasp of the sport's rules. Ensuring that coaches and support staff are accessible to enable athletes to excel and thrive at an elite level in their chosen sport

The development of communication skills will center on imparting to the athlete the significance of effective communication for the team's improvement. This includes emphasizing the importance of communication even in challenging situations to surmount obstacles that teams encounter. Additionally, we aim to cultivate enduring communication skills that athletes can apply throughout their adult lives in various contexts

Leadership development that will provide athletes with opportunities to assume leadership roles within their teams, irrespective of their athletic abilities. This program will underscore how athletes can apply these leadership skills in every facet of their lives

Fostering the establishment of core values within a team and emphasizing their broader significance, not only in sports but in life as well. Recognizing that all groups, including teams, operate with a set of core values, and understanding that when a group or team collectively agrees upon and upholds these values, their productivity and cohesion can significantly increase

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